RapidPure purification reduces more contaminants than any other recreational filter. Another great feature is the weight. Coming in at less than two ounces, the RapidPure Pioneer is a great all around filter for camping and hiking. We’ve tried water purification systems here at 50 Campfires, and none have produced better tasting water more quickly than Pioneer.

– RapidPure Pioneer Honored with 50 Campfires 2015 Gear of the Year Award

USDOJ Uses RapidPure in Jungles of Columbia A couple of my colleagues have recently returned from some training in the jungles of Colombia. They used the RapidPure and it worked wonderfully. I have also recently shown the RapidPure system we used to a few different Personnel Recovery Course classes and explained that the RapidPure UltraCeram Technology is likely the most versatile and capable purification system available anywhere. This is especially so because of RapidPure’s ability to remove waterborne viruses.

– Name Withheld for Security
USDOJ FAST Personnel Recovery

I have worked for Outward Bound, NOLS and currently work for Wilderness Therapy in Utah. I am an avid outdoor adventurer having experienced the backcountry in North, Central and South America. I am an outdoor professional that trusts and relies on RapidPure.

– Nate

I just returned from 2 weeks away and was pleasantly surprised to find a new base for my RapidPure bottle had come by mail.
Awesome service! It’s very much appreciated.

Thank you very much.

– Michael M.

Vietnam and RapidPure were great, thanks again!

– Paul

Thanks for the quick response. I got the Explorer 2-1. I used it for 3-night, 4-man canoe camping trip and it performed perfectly. It was the only water system that we used for the entire trip. The water was clean and clear and tasted great. It was easy to set up, fill and use. I would definitely recommend it.

– Scott

I was pleased to find this light weight option for my Intrepid …
Nalgene Cantene, 1.9oz for the 32ox version.


– Lauri L


I am happy to report that I have tried the universal purifier and it works great. Product is amazing. I will be taking the trail blazer next month on a long backcountry excursion.

– Elie D., Ontario, Canada

I own the Pioneer. Love how simple this is. I’ve tried a lot of filters, but this is compact and simple to use and according to the website it’s actually a purifier that takes out virus. This thing is small and with this included stuff sack, takes up very little room in my pack. Just get one. You won’t regret it. I take it on day trips, backpacking and have one in my “get home bag”. Having water and maintaining proper body core temp are #1 priority in my opinion in any emergency/under duress situation and this piece of kit meets those criteria.

– Scott J.

Sorry, our signal is bad here. I am currently living in the Amazon rainforest and your Intrepid water bottle with Pioneer purifier is used by many!

– Paul S

In the Arctic, for half of our trip, we used highly contaminated waters by animal feces and the water tasted amazing with the Rapid Pure system. In contrast, once we drank water that was boiling for over 3 minutes and despite all the bad stuff was neutralized the water tasted so bad that we had nausea for a full day.

RapidPure Trail Blazer Ultra Light System and Intrepid water bottle in photo. Note two kayak paddles and 12 gauge shot gun are used to make tripod to hold 9 liter Trail Blazer water bag.

– With Courrier, SKILS, Ucluelet, BC

I just got back from safari in Mozambique with Craig B and it was filmed for Petersen’s Hunting Adventures on the Sportsman channel.

Your purifier worked great there and my PH liked it so much I had to leave it with him.

– Gordon

RapidPure water bottles are fantastic. It’s great having fresh tasting water every time. Thanks a lot guys!

– Burt Woods, 20+ year professional hunting and fishing Guide