6.5″ Purifier Used With Locally Sourced Container

6.5″ Purifier Used With Locally Sourced Container

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The RapidPure  6.5” purifier cartridge (shown far left) can be used in a variety of ways. One option is simply placing inside of a standard 5 gallon bucket which holds water to be purified.  The 6.5 cartridge is inserted via a 1/2” hole drilled in bottom of pail as per insert left. Purified water is then dispersed to secondary receptacles as desired. Click here for directions

Another method is ‘nesting’ one pail into another. Click here for directions



Instructions for Use

6.5” Purifier Used With Third-Party Container to Make Purification System
3PUPS: Nesting Third-Party Containers to Make a Purification System


Technology Purification
99.9999% / 6-log
Effect Virus Reduction 99.9999%
Cyst Reduction 99.9975%
Bacteria Reduction 99.9999%
Viruses: Rotovirus, Norovirus, Hepatitus A
Bacteria E. coli, Salmonella, Dysentery
Protozoa Giardia, Cryptosporidium, Amoebae
Particulates Sediment, Silt, Sand
Chemicals Chlorine, Benzene, Chloroform
Heavy Metals Lead, Arsenic, Chromium
Output 4.1 liters per minute for industry leading performance.
End of Life Testing Data 1,000 gallons bacteria, cyst, protozoa, giardia and 125 gallons virus.
Ease of Use Simple and easy. No priming, pumping, batteries, chemicals or special maintenance.
Use w/ Water Bottle No
Weight 2.5 oz.
Carbon Infused Yes. Providing great tasting water.
Silver Infused Yes. Kills trapped contaminants and prevents bacterial growth.
Third Party Tested2 Yes. Certified to exceed US EPA water purification standards.
Environ. Impact Excellent. Replace filter element only.
Freeze Resistant Yes. 3rd party certified as water purifier after initial freeze/thaw cycle and as water filter after multiple freeze/thaw cycles.
Replacement Cartridge Replacement Purification Cartridge sold separately.

1) Tap water is standardly utilized to rate the capacity of water filters/purifiers and can provide a misleading indication of actual usable filter life in the field. Real world conditions vary greatly. Our testing has found that when using the same source of water supply, RapidPure will flow faster, capture more contaminants, and will often last as long or longer than the competition.

2) BCS Laboratories is RapidPure’s 3rd party independent test lab: FL DOH Lab ID: E82924, EPA ID: FL01147. File: RapidPure 2.5 Filters Microbial Removal Efficacy Study Report: BCS1401004.docx



A water purifier protects against protozoa, bacteria AND viruses. A water filter only protects against protozoa and bacteria. All RapidPure products are certified water purifiers and meet or exceed US EPA standards.

Historically filters cost less than purifiers and are effective, if limited, at what they do. Traditional purifiers, although providing better protection than a filter, cost considerably more than filters. They are also much slower and more complicated to use, are easily clogged, and difficult to maintain. RapidPure with its’ new technology UltraCeram changes everything. Now you can purify water faster than filtering it, and as easily, as there are no chemicals, batteries, priming, pumping, or special maintenance. RapidPure purifiers offer much better value than a filter. They provide safer protection than filters, are 2 – 8 times faster, are as easy or easier to use, are priced competitively with filter systems, and can last as long or longer than filters.

Waterborne viruses, while not prevalent in North American waterways, do occur in 3rd world countries, and can quickly develop anyplace a natural or man made disaster, such as earthquakes, flooding or infrastructural damage, occurs.

YES. RapidPure purifiers are 3rd party certified to US EPA Standards to maintain full efficacy as a water purifier after a initial freeze/thaw cycle and continue to protect against Protozoa, Bacteria, AND Viruses once thawed.

After multiple freeze/thaw cycles RapidPure products still meet US EPA Standards as a water filter and will protect against Protozoa and Bacteria but full Virus protection may be compromised and the purifier cartridge should be replaced after return from the field.


Useful life will vary depending on source water conditions.

Your RapidPure Pioneer/Scout/Intrepid/Trail Blazer/Explorer Purifier Cartridge is designed to provide fast owing, effortless, easy, drinking. As the cartridge nears the end of its usefulness it will become harder to drink as it begins to load up from the pathogens and impurities it is protecting you against.

We recommend the following guidelines for changing your purification cartridge:

  1. When your RapidPure Purifier becomes noticeably slower or more difficult to drink from this is the simplest indication it’s time for a change.
  2. If using within North America, primarily as a Filter vs a Purifier, your cartridge is certified to meet or exceed EPA standards for up to 200 gallons or 750 litres for Scout/Pioneer/Intrepid. 1,000 gallons or 3750 litres for Trail Blazer/Explorer.
  3. For maximum virus reduction efficacy you should change your Pioneer/Scout/Intrepid cartridge every 100 litres or, once every 25 days of use, based on 1 gallon or 4 litres per day. For Trail Blazer/Explorer you should change the cartridge every 500 litres or 125 days of use based on 1 gallon or 4 litres per day.

It is a good habit to begin any new journey with a fresh cartridge to provide maximum protection, ensure ease of use, and provide peace of mind knowing your prepared. We also suggest to always pack a spare cartridge as source water is ever changing.

Your RapidPure Purifier has been certified to maintain its efficacy to the above volumes however overall water quality will impact actual useful life depending on the turbidity or suspended particulates in the source water.

RapidPure purifiers are not designed to work in salt water, chemically laden water, or in water temperature exceeding 100 ̊ F.


RapidPure Purifiers, due to their UltraCeram technology, will process purified, not just filtered, water 2 – 8 times faster than traditional hollow fiber filters and are exponentially faster than competitive purifiers. Competitive filter products rely solely on physical restriction and are limited to a maximum pore opening of 0.2 microns to be effective against bacteria while physical purifiers are further limited to 0.02 microns openings to be effective against viruses.

RapidPure does not rely on physical opening size alone due to its’ innovative and patented design utilizing UltraCeram media for natural electro-adsorption. The RapidPure media pore size is 1.75 microns in size, versus 0.2 with filters or 0.02 microns with physical purifiers which translates to faster water flow and significantly easier drinking.


RapidPure innovative patented design, with UltraCeram technology, is ready for instant use and requires NO initial priming, special handling, spare parts, chemicals, batteries, special tools or special treatment for storage. Replacement cartridges are also easy to change – no tools required.

Yes. RapidPure UltraCeram technology processes water 2-8 times faster than traditional hollow fiber filters and is exponentially faster than competitive purifiers which have much greater restrictions in water flow.

RapidPure Purifiers do not require squeezing to aid drinking making them perfect for use in hard sided water bottles such as stainless steel bottles.

No. RapidPure purifiers utilize Activated Carbon for automatically great tasting water.

No. RapidPure Purifiers are infused with silver, a highly effective biocide, to kill any retained pathogens.

Standard filters and purifiers will build up a “bio-film” within the cartridges themselves requiring special handling after each use and routine bleaching and rinsing of the cartridge to maintain useful life. This is not necessary with RapidPure.

Very. Unlike many competitive products you don’t need to squeeze the bottle in order to drink.

When the RapidPure cartridge starts to reach its’ capacity water flow becomes more restricted and will eventually stop. Time to change the cartridge. RapidPure cartridges are designed as end-of-life systems and don’t need to be back flushed or require special tools to change. RapidPure 2.5 cartridges are further tested by EPA an registered laboratory to meet or exceed EPA standards for a minimum of 25 gallons or twenty five full days of drinking water for one adult for complete viral, bacterial and protozoa protection and 200 gallons for bacterial and protozoan protection.  6.5 cartridges are tested by an EPA registered laboratory to meet or exceed EPA standards providing a minimum of 125 gallons or 125 days full of drinking water for one adult for complete viral, bacterial and protozoa protection and 1000 gallons for bacterial and protozoan protection.  Note – higher or lower water turbidity levels will impact longevity.


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