About Us

A Message from John Ruprecht, Founder of RapidPure Water Purification Products and CroixWater4Life® 

RapidPure Water Purification Products originated from my direct personal experience with contaminated water. In 1985, while my wife Pam was pregnant with our son Scott, our family’s home well water, along with the wells of 59 of our neighbors were found to be contaminated with PCB’s to such a level that they were banned for human consumption. The contamination originated from a nearby site that had been a community dump in the 1950’s and 1960’s. This contamination only came to light when a neighbor sold their home and their well failed to pass potable water testing. 

Subsequently a long-term resident came forward and advised us that companies like Whirlpool and Red Arrow Sanitation among others, had disposed of industrial waste at this community dump site which had included 55-gallon drums of hazardous waste. Upon investigation this former community dump was found to contain over sixty such drums comprising more than three thousand and three hundred gallons of hazardous PCB laden waste. The former community dump was designated as a Super Fund Site and I became the neighborhood liaison to the Minnesota Pollution Control and the Responsible Parties. 

The final resolution was the installation of city water for the 60 affected homeowners. This experience ignited my interest in potable water treatment and my first venture into the world of effective and reliable water purification. Over the course of these past five years we have managed to bring forth a series of world class water purification products accumulating 14 patents along the way. 

RapidPure Products are now available to consumers at major leading US retailers such as REI, BASS PRO, Cabela’s, Dick’s, Academy Sports, and via Amazon as well as MEC and Atmosphere stores in Canada. Other RapidPure user groups include the US Department of Justice and the United Way. 

In October, 2019 RapidPure was acquired by Tender Corp, a well established and highly regarded US based manufacturer, providing category leading first-aid and survival products for Outdoor Enthusiasts and General Consumers worldwide. 

Under the new banner of CroixWater4Life®, myself and my family will continue to develop and promote RapidPure Products, now produced by Tender Corp, as the exclusive RapidPure Distributor to the NGO and Military Communities.

John Ruprecht is the Founder of RapidPure and the CEO of  CroixWater4Life®