RapidPure Water Purification Products, distributed by CroixWater4Life, are Best-in-Class portable water purifiers and filters with outstanding applications for NGO and Military/Professional user groups.

RapidPure Purifiers have been independently proven to meet or exceed EPA standards as purifiers and filter. They are now sold by major North American Retailers, been adopted for use by The US Department of Justice for its’ field operation agents’ grab and go bags, and for use by The United Way during Hurricane Maria relief efforts.

Traditional water filters only reduce bacteria and protozoa and require additional treatment with chemicals, UV light, or the use of extensive pumping, to remove viruses – a major safety defect in environmental disasters or 3rd world applications.

In a single, fast, and easy step, RapidPure Purifiers protect against Bacteria, Protozoa, AND Viruses.

RapidPure Purifiers instantly provide Safe, Clean, Great Tasting Water – Anywhere in the World. No waiting, no pumping, no batteries, no chemicals.

Our Products

The patented purifier media used in all RapidPure Purifiers is manufactured in the USA and carries an electropositive charge, attracting natural, water-borne contaminants, bacteria, protozoa, AND viruses – which have an electronegative charge.


RapidPure Purifiers

Can Be Frozen!

RapidPure Purifiers, with UltraCeram Technology, are 3rd party tested to maintain full efficacy – including virus protection – after initial freezing of the purifier when wet. RapidPure Purifiers safely protect against bacteria and protozoa – even after multiple freeze/thaw cycles. Traditional hollow fiber or membrane style filters never protect against viruses AND will not work safely if frozen after use.