The PFE Deluxe Flow Control Valve constantly monitors and displays air pressure, *SCFM flow and dew point* on the PFE panel. It also records air pressure, SCFM* flow and dew point* every minute for 45+ day rolling memory. The air pressure/flow/dew point data is displayed on the PFE Deluxe Control Panel and can be exported by thumb drive, Ethernet as standard.

*Requires purchase of Digital Flow Meter and Digital Dew Point Meter.

The PFE Deluxe Control Panel comes with:

  • Low Air Pressure Alarm
  • Ability to set two pressure settings with a calendar so the plant can reduce air pressure during non production time
    providing even more energy savings.
  • Ethernet Communication
  • Fail Open
  • Ability to add:

         – SCFM Flow meter
         – Digital dew point meter with high dew point alarm.

Atlas Air & Water PFE Flow Control Valve Typical Scope of Supply

  • “X” flange connection. Carbon steel construction valve body with stainless steel rotary V-Ball control valve
  • UL 508 NEMA 4 enclosure.
  • Flow up to 30,000 SCFM
  • Pressure Transducer
  • The PFE will fail open
  • Low pressure alarm


Optional Equipment:

  • Flow Meter, Digital Dew Point Meter with range of -76 degree F to + 68 degree F. with high dew point alarm.
  • PFE Deluxe Control Panel monitors and records air pressure and dew point every minute with 30 day rolling memory.
  • Flow, dew point, and air pressure are displayed on the PFE Panel

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