Atlas Air & Water was founded on 1987 by John Ruprecht who has 40 years of experience in the compressed air
Scott Ruprecht joined the company in 2010. Scott has 5 years experience selling Parker Balston N2 systems and
ultra fine filtration.
In 2012 AAW looked at the flow control valve market and found there to be a lack of well thought out competitively
priced flow control valves.
This led to the creation of our PFE. P=Pressure, F= Flow, E= Energy. When you control Pressure you control Flow
which reduces Energy.
The Atlas Air & Water PFE is a notched V-ball flow control valve with our PFE Deluxe controller.
We are more thorough than other flow control valve offerings in that Atlas Air & Water requires our PFE sizing data
sheet be completed for each job as one size does not fit all.